Welding Lenses - SACIT

Lenses for welding

Sacit range of replacement parts for the welder’s eye protection devices is extremely broad and it includes all types of DIN as well as highly resistant tempered lenses. Within this series of safety products, the following are available: various models of adiactinic glass, lenses for welding glasses, flat plates for the protection of the adiactinic glass.


Lenses for welding glasses

Spare lenses Ø 50×3 mm for SACIT goggles.

Welding Lenses - Lux-Lens - SACIT

Convex lenses for welding glasses

LENS-317N clear carborock tempered convex lens.
LENS-317V green tempered convex lens.

Welding Lenses - Convex lenses - SACIT

Flat glass plate in plastic material

Clear glass in plastic material for protection of welding glass.

Welding Lenses - SACIT

Flat glass plate

LUX CLEAR clear glass in mineral glass for protection of welding glass.
LUX – ADC green glasses for welding masks.
LUX – GOLD green glasses for welding masks with mirrored golden surface.

Welding Lenses - Flat glass plate - SACIT

Basic lens Adiactinic

Adiactinic and clear glass Ø50×3 mm. For the most common welding goggles.

Welding Lenses - Basic lens Adiactinic - SACIT

Polycarbonate Plate

Replacement glass in polycarbonate for the most common welding masks. 1 mm thick.

Welding Lenses - SACIT

Flat glass plate

BASIC-PROTECT – 3mm dark glass.
BASIC-CROMO – 3mm dark chromed glass.
BASIC GLASS – 2mm clear glass for protection of welding glass.

Welding Lenses - Flat glass plate - SACIT
Welding lenses for eye protection