Pantera air system


Pantera Air System, the portable PAPR system that simultaneously protects eyes and respiratory tract.


The ideal protection in all welding situations

Pantera Air System is a device that guarantees excellent respiratory tract and face protection, for added safety and comfort during welding. Portable and comfortable, it is ideal in all operating situations.

In indoor environments it can be combined with a centralized suction system for total protection, in outdoor environments it is the ideal solution, thanks to its power supply with long-lasting batteries, up to 8 continuous hours.

PAPR System for Welding - SACIT
PAPR System - Smart System - SACIT
A smart system with simple operation

The Pantera Air System aspires air from the environment and, filtering it with prefilters and filters, conveys a clean airflow to the head, ensuring a clean area for the respiratory tract, and therefore a good oxygenation.

PANTERA, the high-performing auto darkening mask

Pantera helmet is equipped with digital controls with large visual area (114×113 mm) and darkening time less than 0.1 ms. Safety is guaranteed by 4 optical sensors. The innovative True Color system delivers real-world color vision, which allows less visual fatigue.

Auto Darkening Helmets - Pantera - SACIT
PAPR System - Blower Unit - SACIT
The blower unit is the heart of the system

Pantera Air system is equipped with a special filter that guarantees a very high efficiency even with the thinnest particles and a filtering efficiency of 99.99% = 0.3 μm.

Ventilation system with 3-speed air flow for a greater protection

Thanks to the 3-speed ventilation, the system ensures optimal management of the air filtering in all working conditions, even the most extreme.

PAPR System - Ventilation System - SACIT
PAPR System for Welding - Filter Composition - SACIT
A compact and 3 times safer system

The Panther Air system has a triple barrier that guarantees total protection for the airway of the welder.

1. Spark arrestor to block coarse powders.
2. Prefilter to block powders in general.
3. Specific filter for thin particles with a filter efficiency of 99.99% = 0.3 μm.


Read the technical features of our protection system for the eyes and the airways of the welder.

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