Chemical products

Sacit offers a complete line of chemical products for professional welding which, thanks to extensive research, are acquiring an ever increasing ecologic focus. Sacit’s chemical products for welding include: release and anti-stick spray, welding paste, spray leak detector, penetrant liquid, detector spray,anti-stick liquid, zinc spray, grease spray, spray lubricating oil, anti-stick liquid, emulsifiable oil for cutting machines, refrigerant liquid for welders, liquid pickling agent and passivating agent for stainless steel.


Spray for welding

Antispatter spray ceramic based for welding torches. Ceramic Protection has an good remover power higher than normal antispatters and it resists to high temperatures up to 1500°C.
Good lubricant, it forms a film that reduces the friction and it lasts for many hours.
Fast drying. Ideal for torches of automatic machines.

Chemical Products - Ceramic Protection - SACIT

Spray for welding

Welding anti spatter.
Anti-stick protection against welding spatters.
Protects welding torches and parts being welded.
Not flammable.

Welding Chemical Products - SACIT

Ecological spray for welding

Ecologic antispatter.
Anti-stick protection against welding spatters with ECOLOGICAL propellant.
Protects welding torches and parts being welded.
Chlorinated free.
Not flammable.

Welding Chemical Products - SACIT

Multi-purpose release spray

Multi-purpose release spray.
Detergent, water-repellent, protective, degreasing, de-oxidant, anti-freeze and penetrating.

Chemical Products - Multi-purpose release spray - SACIT

Protective paste for welding

Anti spatter paste that protects against welding spatter.
Protects torches and welding tips.

Chemical Products - Protective paste - SACIT

Biodegradable surfactant Gas leak detector

Leak detector based on biodegradable surfactants active agents.
Formulated to find in an easy and sure way, through bubbles, gas leaks on heating plants, boilers and pressure plants.
It also reveals micro-leaks, suitable fon many types of gas.

Welding Chemical Products - SACIT

Penetrant spray

Penetrating spray, with very low tension to better penetrate the micro-cracks and weld defects, to highlight later with “WHITE DETECTOR”.
Before to use it, clean the area with METAL CLEANER.

Welding Chemical Products - SACIT

Detector spray for cracks and welding defects

White detector spray for the cracks and defects of welding.
It forms a white dust that in contrast with the red of PENETRANTE ROSSO reveals the cracks appeared during the welding.

Chemical Products - Rivelatore Bianco - SACIT

Spray degreaser and cleaner

Cleaner and detergent spray solventbased rapid evaporation.
Suitable for cleaning surfaces after using PENETRANTE ROSSO and RIVELATORE BIANCO.
Also suitable for cleaning surfaces in iron, steel, aluminum, plastic.
Dissolves grease, oil, grease, deposits.
Leaves no oily residue.

Chemical Products - Pulitore Metalli - SACIT

Light color spray to galvanize iron parts

Cold Zinc spray suitable for retouches on welded or previously galvanized parts (railings, galvanized structures, parts of bodywork, iron parts exposed to atmospheric agents).
Elevated covering power, it forms a film of about 30 microns with one spray.
Good resistance to oxidation (it resists for a lot of time to salty fog test)
It forms an elastic film that sticks on any surface protecting it from oxidation.
It has a clear tonality very similar to heat galvanization.
It dries quickly (3 minutes in surface) and it does not drip.
It can be overpainted or left as a final protection.
High resistance to abrasion.

Chemical Products - Zinco Spray - SACIT

Spray to lubricate and protect metallic parts

Lubricates and protects all moving metal parts.
Machinery, seals, bearings, marine equipment, etc.
Oxidation and strong pressures resistant.

Chemical Products - Grasso Spray - SACIT

Lubricating protective oil

No-solvent silicone oil.
Lubricates, protects, polishes, anti-static, non-stick, water-repellent.

Chemical Products - Silico Spray - SACIT

Concentrated anti-stick liquid

Concentrate anti-spatter liquid, can be diluted in water in any proportion, non flammable, doesn’t contain silicones allowing furhter operations.
Specifically used for manual and automatic welding, used with VP100 vaporizer.

Chemical Products - Concentrated anti-stick liquid - SACIT

Oil for cutting machines

Oil for cutting and grinding metals, contains bactericidal and anti-corrosion, water-soluble forms a white / transparent emulsion.

Chemical Products - Oil for cutting machines - SACIT

Liquid refrigerant for welding circuits

Refrigerant for welding circuits.
It works in range of temperatures between -20 ° to + 120°C.
Lubricates the rotating gears, low dielectric conductivity, anti-corrosion and compatible with plastic materials.

Chemical Products - Liquid refrigerant for welding circuits - SACIT

Pickling agent for removing welding residues

Pickling agent for removing carbon weld residue from stainless steel.
Using with a brush or spray.
Liquid pickling agent used in immersion or through a suitable pump.


Passivating agent for stainless steel

Passivating agent, to restore the stainlessness on steel plate previously treated with a pickling agent.

Chemical Products - Passivating agent for stainless steel - SACIT

Ball-point marker

Ball-point marker for every kind of smooth or porous surface.
Paint is opaque, coating it’s highly visible, water and UV resistant.

Chemical Products - Ball-point marker - SACIT
Chemical products for professional welding