High performances auto-darkening welding helmet
TIGER TOP: innovation and elegant design

True Color System

Large visual area (114x113 mm)

4 Sensors

Optical class 1/1/1/1

Reaction time < 0.08 ms

Grinding, Sensitivity and Delay functions

Replacable batteries + solar cells

External controller

TIGER TOP is the flagship of the new PLUS Sacit masks in analogue version. Thanks to a 110×90 visual area and to the use of the 4 sensors for the darkening time < 0.08 ms, this mask is ideal for a demanding welder who wants high performances in all welding processes.

Equipped with the true color innovative system, TIGER TOP offers a “real” colour vision, that allows a lower eyestrain. The optical class is 1/1/1/1.

Easy adjustment
External controller for the filter adjustment
Filter adgjustment is immediate and ergonomic thanks to the mask's external controller; The GRINDING function can also be regualated from autside. Sensitivity and Delay can also be regulated from inside.
Ideal for TIG welders
Thanks to the 4 sensors for darkening, reaction time < 0.08 ms and the 1/1/1/1 optical class, TIGER TOP is one of the most performing mask available in the market and particuralrly suitable for the most demanding welders, especially the TIG welders.
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