High performing auto darkening mask
PANTERA: innovation and Italian style

True Color System

Digital adjustment of the parametes

Large visual area (114x113 mm)

4 Sensors

Optical class 1/1/1/2

Reaction time < 0.08 ms

Grinding, Sensitivity and Delay functions

Replacable batteries + solar cells

PANTERA is the top quality digital mask realized for the welder who wants the best performances, with a reacition time less than 0.08 ms, it is particuralrly ideal for TIG welders.

PANTERA offers digital controls with large visual area (114×113 mm), darkening time less than 0.08 ms, guaranteed by 4 optical sensors and maximum comfort, thanks to the innovative True Color System.

Digital adjustments
Precise adjustment of the welding parameters
DIN 5-8 / 9-13 regulation, sensitivity, delay, Grinding functions are totally digital controlled for more precision and safety.
Total protection
4 optical sensors
Thanks to the 4 sensors, Pantera mask guarantees the filter activation in any welding process and any working condition.
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