Sacit, present on the welding market since 1955, is the brand through which Trafimet offers, in Italy and abroad, products for electrode welding, for the welder’s safety and a wide range of accessories and tools dedicated to all types of welding.

Historically, Sacit’s selection distinguishesitself for the quality and safety of the products offered, which are always guaranteed and certified according to the main standards required in the market place.

To choose a product by Sacit offers all the reliability of collaborating with Trafimet Group, a company that for over 40 years is renowned for its wide range of products dedicated to the world of welding.

Why choose Sacit


Sacit offers a wide range of products for electrode welding, the protection and safety of the welder and an excellent selection of accessories for TIG, MIG and plasma welding.


Sacit’s products distinguish themselves for a superior quality and durability: a selection of products that offers high performance solutions in the demanding market of welding.

Italian Design

Our constant commitment is to offer products for welding and safety with the elegant Italian design, which additionally offer outstanding and consistently improved features.